PowerStrip is one of the best programs in its class. It is designed for those who want to get the most out of their video system. PowerStrip will provide you with a very large number of tools for customizing the video mode, including setting the resolution, scan frequency (accurate to 1 Hz), color mode, and so on. In total, using PowerStrip you can configure up to 500 parameters for the monitor and video card.

PowerStrip features

  • Adjust the resolution, color depth and refresh rate of the Windows desktop with an interface similar to the built-in tools of Explorer, but at a more complex level.
  • Setting presets and shortcuts with different settings for refresh rates, color depth and desktop resolution;
  • Editing a menu block for quickly accessing desktop settings for several work profiles with partial display of information about the mode in the icon.
  • Quick access via hot keys to functions such as: safe mode, enlarge/shrink the desktop, refresh screen contents, activate screensavers, call five preset presets, restore Windows working memory after launching “heavy applications” “, restore and increase/decrease the desktop gamma, call up several gamma presets such as “Voodoo Equalized” and “DVD Playback“.
  • PowerStrip has a mode for displaying information about the system, the number of available video adapter resources, available DirectX, OpenGL and WinGDI resources.
  • The advanced settings for controlling monitor parameters are second only to such well-known panels as Matrox PowerDesk, which traditionally comes with all the company’s products starting from the first Matrox Millenium, a huge built-in base and soft adjustments will allow you to select parameters for a monitor of any class; support for changing parameters on the fly will allow you to immediately try out new settings.
  • Fine adjustments of the monitor will allow you to set refresh rates per hertz and add unconventional video modes with a few clicks.
  • The font scale control system is much more convenient than the one built into Windows.
  • Control of the cursor shape and polling frequency of PS/2 mice will allow you to play and work more comfortably.
  • EntechTaiwan still left the block for changing the core and accelerator memory frequencies, constantly updating the data and releasing updated versions of the program. Unfortunately, the program does not allow you to adjust some adapter-specific parameters. If you are interested in more precise settings, you will have to use third-party programs.
  • Convenient color correction using RGP and CMY for the entire palette and each color separately, with presets saved for quick access using a hotkey or through the menu.
  • Forcing and setting energy-saving modes of the monitor.
  • Qualified system diagnostics, displaying data about the current operating mode of AGP and its available operating modes;
  • Convenient help, unfortunately still not Russified.
  • Information about the system, graphics adapter, memory type and channel width, BIOS version of the video adapter, monitor and VESA parameters.
  • Possibility of forcing security modes, disabling some functions leading to possible instability.

Overclocking graphics with Powerstrip

  • First, you need to download and install Powerstrip.
  • Second, you need to launch the product. For it to be in Russian, you need to indicate during installation that you need Russian Language.

If you skip this moment, you will not be able to switch and you will have to reinstall the utility from scratch. This option is not critical, but it is much easier to do everything right from scratch.


Next, an interface will open in front of you, exactly the same as in the screenshots. We are sure that you will figure out how to use the tool without our help, but we will clarify the main features:

  • Auto-tuning – an option for those who want to trust the program;
  • Manual parameters – an option for those who are used to doing everything themselves.

Both options will lead to approximately the same result, but manual adjustment may be better if you plan to do everything according to professional instructions. If you want to save time or simply have no knowledge, then it is better to trust the utility.


Please note that installing Powerstrip alone will not solve all your graphics problems. If you have a very old device, then perhaps no software solution will help it. If the device is relatively modern, then in addition to the program, install drivers, as well as nVidia ExperienceorAMD Catalyst, depending on what chip is installed in your computer.

Benefits of PowerStrip

  • Automatic detection of current hardware.
  • Auxiliary instructions for beginners that run when the program starts.
  • The ability to get more power from your video card.
  • Advanced color adjustment of connected monitors.
  • Manage AGP bus operating modes.

Disadvantages of PowerStrip:

  • High cost compared to competitors.
  • If used incorrectly, there is a possibility of computer failure.

Download PowerStrip

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